Embrace Sweets

About Us

Embrace Sweets began with a passion - a passion for baking, a passion for creating something that made people happy.  My mum and I wanted to create a company that was built on fun, love and chocolate - a company we could be proud of and in some way make a difference to a lot of people.

Embrace Sweets helped us to do that.

In 2004 when we started Embrace Sweets, Mum and I had no idea what we were doing - so we jumped into Farmer's Markets and baked for local coffee shops and food stands.  Creating the Embrace Sweets brand was truly a Guerrilla project!

In eight years, we have accomplished a lot and learned even more - Embrace Sweets has taken us from California to the Midwest, back to Cali, to New York and now San Diego; we've thrown in the towel more than once but always find ourselves coming back even more in love with Embrace Sweets and what it means to people. 

Embrace Sweets is more than just a brownie company, it's an example of dedication, perseverance and love.  This is our american dream and if we can do it, anyone can.  

Don't be afraid. It's just chocolate.

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