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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A(nother) New Beginning

OK so where to begin - it's been one heck of a year. A lot of UPS and a whole lot of DOWNS.  Have we emerged stronger, better, wiser??? I hope so.  Mum and I went through an emotional breakdown - we were so overwhelmed with Embrace Sweets (our baking company), with our lives and the lack there of, of a vacation that everything fell apart.  New York was a bust, a major learning experience in trusting our instincts, listening to the concerns of others and taking a leap of faith.  We came back to California to find that in three months all that we 'knew' had changed and where did that leave us.

After a minor depression (on both our parts) and a separation of business ties for a chance to try something new - we're back together and hoping that with the pieces we have we can create or rather re-create something beautiful, fulfilling and even more important to our biggest supporters than what we had before.

Now we're living in San Diego, beautiful San Diego and although we're just 90 minutes away from LA it feels like a world away.  Our lives are healthier - taking part in daily yoga classes, eating better (a little less brownies), and spending more time outside and meditating.  It's amazing what a shift in your daily routine can do - maybe in the end it took us traveling 6000+ miles to find where we were supposed to be in the first place.

If I've learned anything in these past eight years of Embrace Sweets and life it's that I want to be the example to all of you reading this that are searching for something to do, something to get into, something to create.  For those of you that are considering starting your own business and going off on your own - I can't tell you how important it is to know that NO it's not going to be easy. You will want to quit and there maybe times you will; and that's OK.  It doesn't make you a failure, it doesn't make you weak - sometimes the best thing you can do is just to STOP and stand still.  Let the dust around you settle so you can then see clearly.

Embrace Sweets is coming back - better, stronger and more focused.  We realized more than anything that we missed you, we missed what you gave to us every day and that we didn't have to travel around the country to find what we had here the whole time.

We look forward to hearing from you, seeing you at the markets and helping you create the sweetest gifts for the holidays and future celebrations.

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Bon Appetite!
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San said...

Yay! Very glad to know that you are back in business and happy that you are at peace with the choices you've both made. Welcome back!

Brandi said...

Hi San! Thank you so much for your kind words.. We hope to see you soon :-) Hope you and your family are wonderful.

Amy Annette Grant said...

So happy you're finding your peace and place in life...especially if that means an opportunity to eat more brownies.